November 14, 2021

What is Discord? Join the IDL community!

What is Discord? Join the IDL community!

In short, Discord is just like Slack. Discord is a fun app that let’s you talk and collaborate with others. We love Discord because it emphasizes community-building and that’s what we’re doing together at IDL. Here’s how you can get started on Discord.

First, create your Discord account.

Go to and create your Discord account. Once you create your Discord account, you can start to join “servers” (Discord lingo for communities).

Let’s talk more about “Servers”

A Server on Discord is the same thing as a Workspace on Slack. A Server is basically the hub of whatever community you join on Discord. Ready to join your first server?!

Now join the IDL Discord Server!

In other words, join the IDL community on Discord. You can easily join us by visiting here:

Note: If you’re joining on mobile, you’ll need to paste the invite link in the Discord app.

You’re in! Now what?

Discord Servers are organized by channels, just like Slack! Except on Discord, in addition to text-based channels, you also have voice channels with video features.


Discord will be the epicenter of our IDL community. We’ll be hosting all events and office hours on Discord. However, we’re mainly excited for all of the conversations and collaborations that will take place on Discord. See you there!

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